They better still give Nicole a chance to talk. This is what happened last time she went. She didn’t really get to defend herself.

If they just go off what Victoria said, just…I can’t even at this point!

At least Victoria said she would go after Christine and Cody. So there’s somewhat hope? Idk anymore..

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#bb16 #victoria! #why do you feel the need to tell buzzkill derrick everything!!!

If Victoria fucks this up for Nicole, I swear to god….

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#bb16 #telling derrick that nicole said she'd go after cody #is bad #really bad


Cody/Caleb continue to push for Frankie to go up. Derrick says he’s down for anything because it’s them three to the end.

guys, its finally happening


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#i am ready for this!! #please let nothing change by tomorrow #caleb! you can do this!! #bb16 #also ps. look at zach's gorgeous face

Derrick, go away! Seriously, just GO AWAY!

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Are you fucking kidding me Production!!! 

Caleb was literally up the stairs, on his way to talk to Cody, and he’s pissed because he believes Frankie is using him, annnd production calls him to the DR. Like really?!

If Caleb comes out of there not wanting to discuss the backdooring Frankie with Cody, I’ll be so done! 

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#bb16 #i've just been waiting for caleb and cody to talk #ugh #so aggravating

Anonymous said:

Re. Caleb: I don't know if Nicole knows everything, but she (or anyone) needs to let Caleb know that he's the only one who still believes the bomb squad is still intact. Christine is the one who is deceiving him most. Once he realizes he's been lied to for weeks, he'll turn on the detonators and hopefully he'll BD Frankie/Derrick/Christine

She does know because Zach told her everything, but I think she knows that he probably wouldn’t believe her if she told him that. Or he might and then one of the Detonators, likely Derrick, would convince him Zach was just trying to stir something. Then Derrick would for sure want her out of the house. 

I do want him to find out about it though! I just don’t know how much it would do at this point.

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I just want Caleb in a room alone with Cody and Derrick, and hopefully maybe what was said in the BY made him change his mind. It’s doubtful, but only time will tell.

I just don’t see why they don’t take this shot now. If Frankie wins HOH during the DE, I honestly think he’ll put up Cody and Derrick with the way he’s been talking lately. How Cody will win if he gets to the end, and how Derrick’s never been nominated. 

If they don’t backdoor Frankie this week, then I honestly want him to win HOH on DE to see what he does.

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Derrick, working the jury votes!! LOL, I mean good game move and all. But as a Nicole fan, it’s frustrating because she’s falling for it! 

Like I just want to pull her in a corner real quick, and tell her 'Caleb and Cody have been wanting to backdoor Frankie, and Derrick is the one stopping them! He's the reason your going home, again! Don't listen to him, remember what Hayden said!! k bye'

This season is awful! I hope that when Nicole leaves, she does what she says she was going to do and tell them how pathetic this season is.

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#bb16 #nicole franzel

Dangit Derrick! Everytime someone’s thinking of doing something interesting, he nips that in the bud immediately! 


At this point, I give no fucks about who wins this game anymore! That’s it, I’m done. Over it!

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#bb16 #goodbye #hopefully next season is all-stars #and praying zach and nicole come back #that would be beautiful #especially if they actually worked together #wishful thinking

Since Caleb wants to take Cody to the end, can Cody please convince Caleb to backdoor Frankie! Like guys, it’s okay to go against Officer Derrick every once in a while. FYI.

Also how sad is that we have to rely on Cody of all people to save Nicole. But I just want her to stay, and if this is what it takes then fine! 

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