"I think it’s a girl."

I’m pretty sure the fandom is right and Davina is Klayley’s child.

That would be interesting, except it’s just like Angel. There are so many comparisons to BtVS/Ats, that’s gotten disgusting! Like JFC, Julie can you not write your own shows. Why constantly steal ideas from Joss Whedon. 

So now when it gets revealed, instead of being shocked, we’re all just going to be like “we knew it, but thanks for trying.”

So Davina is a stubborn little thing isn’t she..sounds like someone else I know.

So Rebekah’s back to hating Klaus! Great..

I like Marcel and Cami! Like I’m side eye-ing Klaus for getting in the way, not just because of the Klaroline factor, but because he’s becoming an obstacle. 

Oh that’s the garden! That’s awful :(

Well bye Tierry, it was nice knowing you..

Aw poor Katie!! But you knew that was going to happen, it’s Klaus!

100 years in the garden? What does that mean?? 

Someone save him, though! Because I like him and his face!!

LOL Cami, if you think Marcel has a temper, Klaus is way worse! 

Oh you naive, Mary Sue human!

I really hate this out of nowhere feelings Klaus seemly has for Cami. Like what the fuck do you care Klaus?

Why are you so OOC? It’s ridiculous!!

HOW CAN THE BABY BE PART VAMPIRE?! That’s not a genetic gene!!!

What the fuck!!